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We operate Montessori Methods for early childhood education in the Nursery classes. It is based on the child’s developmental needs for freedom within limits, and a carefully prepared environment which guarantees exposure to materials that would provide the child optimum opportunity for Intellectual, Psychological and Physical Development. This method requires a well-equipped classroom where the children are free to work on different areas that suit their interest under the guidance of trained staff with experience and certification in jolly phonics. Teaching is therefore practical and the kids would not be required to carry so many book.

Subjects Offered

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computer Appreciation
  • French
  • General Hygiene
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Literacy
  • Moral Instruction
  • Music
  • Number Work (Numeracy)
  • Practical Life Exercise
  • Primary Science
  • Reading
  • Sensorial
  • Writing


The Management after due consultation with parents, introduced lesson period in the school. However, it is important to note that lesson will not be compulsory for Nursery classes. But for primary classes, i.e. Grade 1-5, it is compulsory that they be further drilled on the topics taught during regular hours. Children in Nursery classes enjoy After-school care. They are made to rest, play then do their homework. They are not bothered with much academic exercises because it is not good for them to be over stressed. After School care attracts a fee of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only) per term while lesson attracts N15,000.00 (fifteen Thousand Naira only) per term for primary classes.

Homework or a form of project is given to all classes except Discovery class. Parents are encouraged to supervise their wards and make sure they do them themselves as they help confirm that the pupil understands the topic being taught.

Parents who wish to keep their children in school after 4pm till 7pm will be charged a late pick up levy of N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira only) per term or N2,000.00 (Two Thousand Naira only) per day.


The school is open from 7:45am on Mondays through Fridays and closes as stipulated below: Mondays to Thursdays 7:45am – 1:00pm (Nursery) 7:45am – 1:30pm (Grade) 2:00pm – 4:00pm (Lesson/After School care) Fridays 7:45am – 1:00pm Club activities take place on Fridays

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